This is our first post of Release Date Website. We hope that all our user likes our Website. In this post, we will talk about the Release Date website.
1.What Kind of this Website?
  • This Website provides details Information and release date of upcoming movies and web series to the user.
  • We write a blog based on films and web series review, News and Updates.

2.what is meaning of Call A Friends, Call Release Date?

  • It merely says user Call your Friends and say Release Date of movies or web series.

3.What user get from this Website?

  • The user gets from these website Movies or Web series correct Information.
  • Release Date Website provides the user in Which platform releases movies or web series.
      e.g. Below zero movie release on ott platform.
  • We are doing blogging also. Upcoming movies or Web series Review, News and Updates provide for the user on the Blog page.
We have youtube Channel. In that Channel, we upload upcoming movies or web series trailers. Channel name is AMW FILMS.AMW Full form is All Movies and Web series. Please like, share and comments on videos. And also subscribe to our Channel.
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Release Date is  information bassed Website.Provide user latest Movies and Web Series Detail Information daily.If you want to know more about us then click on about us page.


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