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August - Other Country Movies

First Week Of August

    Name:- The Suicide Squad
Release date:-06 August 2021(USA)
 2021‧ Action,Adventure,Comedy,Sci-Fi

Second Week Of August

FREE GUY August 2021 (1) (1) (1) (1)
    Name:- Free Guy
Release date:-13 August 2021(USA)
 2021‧ Action, Comedy.1h 55mi
RESPECT August 2021 (1)
    Name:- Respect
Release date:-13 August 2021(USA)
 2021‧ Action, Comedy.2h 25mi

Third Week Of August

PAW PATROL The Movie August (1) (1)
    Name:- Paw Patrol The Movie
Release date:-20 August 2021(USA)
 2021‧ Animation, Comedy.1h 28min
REMINISCENCE August 2021 (1) (1) (1) (1) (1)
    Name:- Reminiscence
Release date:-20 August 2021(USA)
 2021‧ Mystery, Sci-Fi .2h 28min
DEMONIC August (1)
    Name:- Demonic
Release date:-20 August 2021(USA)
 2021‧ Horror .1h 44min
THE NIGHT HOUSE August 2021 (1)
    Name:- The Night House
Release date:-20 August 2021(USA)
 2021‧ Mystery, Sci-Fi .1h 48min
THE PROTÉGÉ August 2021 (1)
    Name:- Paw The Protege
Release date:-20 August 2021(USA)
 2021‧ Action, Crime, Thriller
SWEET GIRL August 2021 (1)
    Name:- Sweet Girl
Release date:-20 August 2021(USA)
 2021‧ Action , Drama, Thriller .1h 36min

Fourth Week Of August

EIFFEL August 2021 (1)
    Name:- Eiffel
Release date:-25 August 2021(France)
 2021‧ Biography , Drama
HE'S ALL THAT August 2021
    Name:- He’s All That
Release date:-27 August 2021(USA)
 2021‧ Comedy, Romance
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